Monday, June 15, 2009

With a little help from my friends (pictures!)

I just have to say that I love my friend Melissa. Since we don't do gifts for birthdays, instead I will do this post. Happy Birthday on Thursday Melissa!

We went to her house today and relaxed by the pool (by relaxed I mean dodged splashes and corralled the toddler boys from the oh so fascinating dumper - and by pool I mean blow-up toddler pool - just so your mental image isn't too glamorous). We spent a large portion of our time reminding our boys that " we do not go poo poo in the pool" only to turn around and see brown oozing out of... who's diaper? The sweet little princess Eisley. We never did tell her not to go poo poo in the pool. I guess that's what we get!

I love going to Melissa's house - I love being Melissa's friend for many reasons. Our boys play so well together. They are a couple days apart and have grown to be great buddies. We worked together while pregnant and then started weekly play dates when they were only a couple weeks old. Zander and Emmett really had not choice in the matter - they are going to be friends. Turns out they seem to be ok with it. Not only do the boys have fun, the moms have fun too. We always have fun, uplifting, deep, shallow, never a dull moment conversations. When we're not having fun chatting, making lunch, changing diapers, cutting melon that won't get eaten, giving baths, looking through garage sale deals, picking up train tracks or saying "we do not scream inside the house but if you want to scream outside that would be great" and asking our boys to pull up their swimming trunks, Melissa is the first to help. I purposefully chose not to say "offer help" because the wonderful thing about Melissa is that she doesn't offer - she just does. It's awesome! I turn around and she's doing what I am about to do. I could go on and on but I'm running out of energy. However, I must say, I always leave her house feeling refreshed and looking forward to our next play date!

This motherhood journey would certainly not be as wonderful as it is with out my M&M mom friends. That other M is you Marie! I love you ladies to death. Everyone needs friends like you.


Aubrey said...

Oooooh brown in the water...little sisters can just take it on step too far can't they?! About the ice cream...with the vanilla giving it that off white color it reminded me of breast milk and it melted a little clearish - so it just gave me the heeby jeebies.
We probably won't make it to the park on Thursday either (unfortunately) because we're leaving at 1pm that day for vacation! See you sometime!

Marie said...

Love you too Alyssa! I feel the same way - so lucky to have you both as friends. So sad I missed you all on Monday, but I desperately needed a day at home. Let's get to the Cheesecake Factory again soon to celebrate the summer birthdays. I like the new look!