The Fam

I seriously don't feel old enough to be a mom, let alone a mother to 4 of the cutest kids in the world.  I always expect people to think I am their nanny.  Nope! Not only has no one ever mistaken me for their nanny, I now get asked "mom" questions while at Target alone!  I must look like a mom.  I am 30 so I shouldn't be surprised.  But it's kind of a weird feeling to be "all grown up" when I really don't feel grown up at all!  But here I am, nonetheless, blogging about the best days of my a mom of 4!  I have the best job in the world, full time mother and wife. In my free time (haha) I enjoy photography, sewing, coordinating MOPS and doing MOPs field leader work.  We really need a better family of 6 photo!

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Nana said...

You do not look old enough to be the mother of four children. We are so happy for you. Each personality is so strong and delightful. Our love is with you each moment.