Sunday, January 31, 2010


Snippits from our day.
Story time with Daddy.
Classic Eisley face.
Emmett being the Green Lantern.

Like Mother Like Daughter?

So I know I look kinda strange in this picture (I was trying to look like Eisley, not by looking strange, rather by not smiling), but it's one of the first where I've really seen the mother/daughter resemblance. Her eyes look SO blue in this picture, compared to mine.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Advice: Sleeping arrangements with 3 babes

I'd like your opinions on how, come September, my 3 kids should fit into 2 bedrooms.

Thinking about the addition of a 3rd child in our 3 bedroom town home requires some creativity, particularly when it comes to sleeping arrangements. I know we have time until the baby is born and even after the baby is born he/she will probably sleep in our room for the first 4-6 months. But still, I'd kinda like the rooms set before the baby is born.

Our plan is to put Emmett (who'll be almost 4) and Eisley (who'll be almost 2) in the same room and give baby his/her own room. Currently, Emmett is in a toddler bed which can convert to a crib. Eisley is in a crib. So, should we do:

1) bunk beds (crazy to think my little Emmett could be sleeping on a TOP bunk! Then we'd have to sell one of the cribs)
2) twin beds for both kids (I just imagine those sweet rooms in pottery barn kids with the two coordinating bedspreads on side by side beds each with their own little night stand and lamp...ahhhh)
3) twin for Emmett, toddler for Eisley (we'd only have to buy one bed)
4) toddler for Emmett and crib for Eisley (as they are now, would have to buy another crib for baby which seems like a bit of a waste)

After typing this all out, which kinda helped me sort through it, it seems like putting Eisley in the toddler bed and getting Emmett a twin bed would be the most financially responsible thing to do. However, I want it to look cute too! I just can't really picture that. My dear friend, who I don't think reads my blog (Jammie are you out there?), has 3 kids in one room (no bunk beds) and it looks ADORABLE! So I know it's possible!

OK, so I WANT YOUR ADVICE. What did you do? What worked? What didn't? Do you have a bed you're selling? :)


Shampoo Do

The simple joys in life.

Exhibit 2: Shampoo Do

Eisley's growing vocabulary

Eisley's vocabulary is expanding by the day, this stage is SO much fun!. Thursday at church, she picked up a doll and said, "bebee." Yesterday she greeted my dad with an excited, "Bampaa!" Her latest word and skill is "poopoo." She goes into the bathroom, bangs on the toilet seat and said, "poopoo." She is not content until her clothes AND diaper are removed and she is sitting on the toilet, usually with her hand down in her private area waiting for something to come out. Today, for the first time she was successful! I couldn't believe it! She actually did her #1 business in the toilet! I get such a kick out of this little girl. She already SO badly wants to do the "big" things she sees her brother doing. It's fun having a 2nd child - so different than the first! I'm so curious what #3 will be like!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A look back

It's so fun to look back at pictures from a year (or two or three) ago. These are from last year at this time. Looking at them it's amazing how much has changed, but also how much hasn't!

January/Feb 2009
Don't worry, I'm always in close attendance of my kids when I let them "help" me on the counter.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The small joys in life.

Exhibit 1: The rub on tattoo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dance, dance, dance

Put on a little music and the kids take over being all kinds of adorable.
My nanny boy and Eisley, born on the same day! I just think that is so cool!
Brother and Sister dance.
The siblings dancing together.


Future Rock Star? Worship leader? Zoologist? Orthopaedic Surgeon?
Future Actress? Stay at home mom? Comedienne? Personal shopper? Pediatric Cardiologist?
Future President? Athlete? Scholar?
The proud Big Brother and Big Sister are so excited to meet their new little sibling late this summer!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pizza Ranch

Today the four kids and I went to Pizza Ranch with a few of our MOPS friends. We had 12 kids under 5, 2 unborn babies, and 4 moms. We had a blast! These photos are courtesy of Amy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Vikings!

We didn't watch the game but we represented our spirit while literally running around the mall (the kids were running, not me).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cooking Club

In 4th grade I was one of the leads in the Christmas musical at my church. This was the peak of my theatrical accomplishments but it was only the beginning of friendships that would last decades. It was during this musical I became friends with many of the girls I spent 7 hours hanging out with tonight. Now 20 years later, marriages and children later, we can still hang out together, late into the night and never be at a loss of conversation. I am blessed to have these solid Christian women in my life. "Cooking Club" gets together monthly for food and fellowship. It's really fun because we've added new friends and we've added old friends.

Here are a few pictures from over the years.
1996: Cooking club girls: Naomi, Meredith, Me, Holly, Angela
2002 - Cooking Club Girls: Brianna, Meredith, Me, Sarah, Christine
2002 (3 of these couples are now married!)

2004: Cooking club girls: Christine, Meredith, Me, Brianna, Sarah

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Parenting Inspiration

The speakers at MOPS this morning were funny, entertaining, educational and inspiring. Jim and Lynne Jackson of Connected Families. They are basically parenting experts. I loved what they had to say, so I bought the CD version of their presentation so I could get inspiration and a chuckle at the push of a button! Tonight, on my way back from a meeting I was listening to the CD and I wanted to share with you the beautiful image that they painted.

A daughter knocks over her mother's favorite lamp. When the mother walks in the room, instead of her typical angry reaction she gets down on her knees and holds her daughter close. She whispers in her ear, "I loved that lamp, but I love you more."

I just love that! That is what parenting and discipline should be all about! Showing love, kindness, gentleness in the most angering situations. As Lynne says, asking yourself, "what is the opportunity here?" The Jacksons stated that children who feel loved, even in times of misbehavior, are overall less inclined to misbehave.

I can't wait to listen to the CD more and read some more books (and then share/journal it here). If you can't tell, I'm totally inspired to be the best mom ever as many days of the year as possible!! I have to be realistic that I'll still have my "bad mom days" but hopefully they'll just become fewer and further between.

On a different note...We got Emmett's hair trimmed today.

And Eisley still loves putting things over her head and collecting diapers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peak a boo!

"Pea-a-boo!" (yes, she leaves the k out)

Eating together

Eating together.
Life doesn't get much sweeter.