Friday, January 8, 2010

Great minds think...


This post could be highly intellectual with a title like that! Sorry to get your hopes up, it's simply an analysis of toddler sticker crafts!

I have two very intelligent toddlers, or are they called preschoolers now? Anyway, my son and my nanny girl are both very smart little kids. So today, as we worked on our sticker project I couldn't help but think, "WOW! These minds are very different!" Let's take a look at the different approaches:
Child 1
Child 2

So as you may have guessed, the second one is Emmett's picture (done TOTALLY on his own). He in general has a very organized mind; he likes to find patterns, he likes things to be in their places, he looks for matches and things that go together. Would you mind if I now pointed out the little details that may go unnoticed my the non-mother eye? Notice: stickers of the gold, frankincense and myrrh are in the kings hands, the king is riding the camel, the sheep is with the shepherd, Mary and Joseph are next to each other (although not near baby Jesus), the star at the top and the angel in the sky.

His sweet little hands hard at work.

A few reasons why these pictures look so different:
1) General knowledge of the nativity story
2) Just different minds and ways of thinking/organizing information
3) Emmett is 5 months older
4) I'm sure there's many more, but those are what's coming to mind now.

Emmett also really enjoys working on his letters. Here are pictures of him tracing the letters I wrote.

And Eisley hanging out with her adorable little purse she got from her Great Grandma!

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Amber said...

it is amazing to see the difference in the pictures... I think ALOT would have to do with the fact that Emmett knows the story though... it is so awesome to see that at this young age our boys are soaking up the truth! I love it!