Thursday, January 14, 2010


Apparently, this is how Eisley likes to eat her clementines.
Apparently, eating out of a box is "so much fun!"
Apparently, I can scratch "house cleaner" off my wish list.

Apparently, Eisley's little wrinkly nose face is here to stay - yea!!


citydweller said...

I need your cleaning crew at my house! I love the little face!

Randi said...

They are so sute with the vacuums! Such little helpers. :)

Randi said...

oops I mean cute, not "sute" :)

Hilary said...

Love your cute little vacuumers!
I had Isaac vacuum our rug the other day, too. It's so great when they are still at an age where they think chores are fun..isn't it??
And what an adorable wrinkle nose :)