Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink Eye?

I spent my day trying to avoid this...

and this...

By lunch time my nanny kids' eyes were not looking so hot. Having never personally experienced pink eye, I wasn't sure this was the ailment, but I still armed myself with hand sanitizer and lysol. I fed the kids quickly and put them down. Mom picked them up right after nap and brought them to the doctor. Indeed, pink eye and ear infections. Poor kids! As of today (it's Saturday night now) my kids' eyes are clear, we'll see how they look tomorrow. I'm hoping my verging on OCD sanitizing of everything they may have touched or even looked at will pay off. We shall see!

My little helper. Sweeping while fully equipped with a pair of my nanny girl's underwear and brown marker on her eye. What more could a girl want?
In just over a month, Emmett's apple eating technique has changed!

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Buck said...

Eyeballs give me the willies. Just looking at that first picture makes my skin crawl.