Monday, January 11, 2010

Butterfly Bay and Yoga

Today I took all four kids to the Mall of America to Butterfly Bay and to play with Legos. We met my friend Marie, there with her two daughters. We had a wonderful time!
The gang at lunch.

And we finished off the day with some Wii Fit Plus. Here Emmett is doing Yoga. It was the cutest thing ever to see him trying to do the yoga poses and then picking the ones he wanted me to try!


Mama M. said...

Alyssa...that is so cute! Was that at the Rainforest Cafe? I love the photo of the kids, standing at the "fence"! Cute stuff!

Laura said...

That first picture is way too cute!! And the yoga, how funny! Love it!

citydweller said...

I love the picture by the fence! You are so brave to take all four to MOA! I met Marie at Caribou yesterday on the way to the zoo. I was so surprised and it took me a second to place her but she was so friendly! (you know how it is when you are some place where you don't expect to see anyone you know!) Emmett appears to be doing better than I can do on the Yoga!