Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cooking Club

In 4th grade I was one of the leads in the Christmas musical at my church. This was the peak of my theatrical accomplishments but it was only the beginning of friendships that would last decades. It was during this musical I became friends with many of the girls I spent 7 hours hanging out with tonight. Now 20 years later, marriages and children later, we can still hang out together, late into the night and never be at a loss of conversation. I am blessed to have these solid Christian women in my life. "Cooking Club" gets together monthly for food and fellowship. It's really fun because we've added new friends and we've added old friends.

Here are a few pictures from over the years.
1996: Cooking club girls: Naomi, Meredith, Me, Holly, Angela
2002 - Cooking Club Girls: Brianna, Meredith, Me, Sarah, Christine
2002 (3 of these couples are now married!)

2004: Cooking club girls: Christine, Meredith, Me, Brianna, Sarah

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