Saturday, January 30, 2010

Advice: Sleeping arrangements with 3 babes

I'd like your opinions on how, come September, my 3 kids should fit into 2 bedrooms.

Thinking about the addition of a 3rd child in our 3 bedroom town home requires some creativity, particularly when it comes to sleeping arrangements. I know we have time until the baby is born and even after the baby is born he/she will probably sleep in our room for the first 4-6 months. But still, I'd kinda like the rooms set before the baby is born.

Our plan is to put Emmett (who'll be almost 4) and Eisley (who'll be almost 2) in the same room and give baby his/her own room. Currently, Emmett is in a toddler bed which can convert to a crib. Eisley is in a crib. So, should we do:

1) bunk beds (crazy to think my little Emmett could be sleeping on a TOP bunk! Then we'd have to sell one of the cribs)
2) twin beds for both kids (I just imagine those sweet rooms in pottery barn kids with the two coordinating bedspreads on side by side beds each with their own little night stand and lamp...ahhhh)
3) twin for Emmett, toddler for Eisley (we'd only have to buy one bed)
4) toddler for Emmett and crib for Eisley (as they are now, would have to buy another crib for baby which seems like a bit of a waste)

After typing this all out, which kinda helped me sort through it, it seems like putting Eisley in the toddler bed and getting Emmett a twin bed would be the most financially responsible thing to do. However, I want it to look cute too! I just can't really picture that. My dear friend, who I don't think reads my blog (Jammie are you out there?), has 3 kids in one room (no bunk beds) and it looks ADORABLE! So I know it's possible!

OK, so I WANT YOUR ADVICE. What did you do? What worked? What didn't? Do you have a bed you're selling? :)



Amber said...

You can totally do a twin with a toddler bed... you can make it super cute! Otherwise... Costco right now has these awesome bunkbeds that have a drawer/trundle that comes with it. So you can either have bunkbeds with a trundle bed (3 beds!) or bunkbeds with a huge drawer under it (extra storage) or two twins one with a drawer or trundle... for $400. Anyways... I know your mom (and mine) has a membership so you could look into that... otherwise... I totally think a bunkbed and a toddler would be cute... you could do coordinating bedding and that would make it adorable! Anyways, we have talked about all this... but I am so excited to see what you end up doing!

Jayme said...

We had a toddler and a twin in one of our kids' rooms at one point and we always found the younger in the twin with her older sister... eventually we put our old queen in there when we got a king and they still sleep together LOL

That probably wasn't helpful!

Amanda said...

Our boys are going to share a room when #4 comes and I've been trying to decide what to do too! Ethan will be 3.5 by then and Zachary will be almost 2. I think Ethan will be too little to be on the top bunk, but we may still by bunk beds that can separate. Either that or we'll have one twin and a toddler bed. Good luck deciding!

Buck said...

Even though it won't seem as settled, if you can keep Eisley in a crib when the baby is born and use a bassinet/pack and play for the baby while it's in your room, you'll probably have the easiest transition. The change will be hardest on Eisley, and if she can suddenly get out of bed and wander, bedtimes may become a nightmare. I'd do a twin bed and a crib with the plan that 4-6 month post-baby, you put Eisley in the toddler bed and give the crib to the baby. Or however long you can have the baby in a temporary arrnagement...

Who doesn't love parenting advice from someone without kids. :)