Thursday, January 21, 2010

Parenting Inspiration

The speakers at MOPS this morning were funny, entertaining, educational and inspiring. Jim and Lynne Jackson of Connected Families. They are basically parenting experts. I loved what they had to say, so I bought the CD version of their presentation so I could get inspiration and a chuckle at the push of a button! Tonight, on my way back from a meeting I was listening to the CD and I wanted to share with you the beautiful image that they painted.

A daughter knocks over her mother's favorite lamp. When the mother walks in the room, instead of her typical angry reaction she gets down on her knees and holds her daughter close. She whispers in her ear, "I loved that lamp, but I love you more."

I just love that! That is what parenting and discipline should be all about! Showing love, kindness, gentleness in the most angering situations. As Lynne says, asking yourself, "what is the opportunity here?" The Jacksons stated that children who feel loved, even in times of misbehavior, are overall less inclined to misbehave.

I can't wait to listen to the CD more and read some more books (and then share/journal it here). If you can't tell, I'm totally inspired to be the best mom ever as many days of the year as possible!! I have to be realistic that I'll still have my "bad mom days" but hopefully they'll just become fewer and further between.

On a different note...We got Emmett's hair trimmed today.

And Eisley still loves putting things over her head and collecting diapers.


citydweller said...

Emmett's hair is is so thick and yet is has a texture that goes well a little longer. I wonder if Eric is a teeny bit jealous, he always wanted to grow his hair out but it only goes out.

Kami said...

Wishing I hadn't missed out on MOPS, but needed the mental health day! I'll have to look into getting a CD myself - thanks for sharing about it!

The pictures are adorable! My guy has super thick hair, too, and I've just discovered the "joy" of cutting it myself. WOW. Now I know why I used to pay to have it done!! :)

Amber said...

I want to hear that CD! I LOVE what she said about the lamp... I want to be THAT mom! I too want to have mostly good mom days... praying for you as you and I both try to be the best moms ever to our precious gifts! Oh and Emmett's hair looks great... and Eisley is just getting cuter all the time! Cannot wait to see them (and you) in April!!!!