Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the band

You probably get sick of these "rock star" pictures, but honestly, this is what our daily life looks like. Hardly a day goes by that we don't crank the music (Christian music DVD or CD), grab a guitar (wii guitar or real), sing (or yell) and jump around (often on the bed).

Now let's meet the band.

Eisley on vocals.
Emmett on guitar, Eisley on vocals.
Eisley can often also be found playing guitar.
Or they may both switch to percussion.
Emmett can also be found on vocals, as long as he's on the "stage."

Eisley on the "stage."

Now some cute Eisley updates.

Her vocabulary is growing each day. Here are all of her words (that I can remember right now) that I heard on a regular basis.
  • "cheese" (when you pull out a camera)
  • "moe" is more (signs it too)
  • "down" (when sitting in her highchair and is done)
  • "dog" along with a high pitched squeak that is her "bark"
  • "ball"
  • "tay too" is thank you which she says perfectly in context as well as when she hands something to you
  • "mi-u" is milk (says this adamantly along with her signs especially when she wants to be nursed)
  • shakes her head "no"
  • shakes her had "yes"
  • "ray-ee-oo" is radio, no joke. She sings this song which is one of Emmett's all time favorite songs (yes, this is a Christian band). She sings the "ray-ee-oo" and then "ooh-oooh--ohhh" parts
  • "uh oh" as seen in this video. She really likes that word and likes doing this to create the proper context in which she can say "uh oh."
  • and of course, "Mama" or "Mom"
  • I know she can say "Dada" but, Eric, does she call you that?
It's only been a couple days (today is 1/20) since this post and she's already added more words: all done, down, dirty (when referring to her diaper), Nana when she hears my mom's voice or sees her. Tonight (also 1/20) Eisley said, "nigh nigh" to me for the first time. It was absolutely precious!

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JFK said...

This collection of Eisley's vocab is most helpful to those of us who want to understand and communicate with her. Great historical document.