Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eisley's growing vocabulary

Eisley's vocabulary is expanding by the day, this stage is SO much fun!. Thursday at church, she picked up a doll and said, "bebee." Yesterday she greeted my dad with an excited, "Bampaa!" Her latest word and skill is "poopoo." She goes into the bathroom, bangs on the toilet seat and said, "poopoo." She is not content until her clothes AND diaper are removed and she is sitting on the toilet, usually with her hand down in her private area waiting for something to come out. Today, for the first time she was successful! I couldn't believe it! She actually did her #1 business in the toilet! I get such a kick out of this little girl. She already SO badly wants to do the "big" things she sees her brother doing. It's fun having a 2nd child - so different than the first! I'm so curious what #3 will be like!

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