Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maternity Shoot

My friend did a little maternity shoot for me. I LOVE them and I love the way she captured the real personalities of my kids!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best job ever

While Emmett is at preschool I have the privilege of gazing at these two delectable faces and playing outside in the snow in 40 degree weather. Best job ever!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Water Painting

Water Painting. The kids wanted to paint but I didn't want a mess. The solution? Water painting? However, there was still a mess. At least it was just a watery mess!


Last week when I did the kids' make up for fake injury night at AWANA little did I know, that in just a few days it would be a reality.
After a fabulous morning with some of our favorite people, we were thinking it was time to go when I heard a terrible thud from the living room. I glanced up to see Ender face down on the metal bar of the infant swing. He had been standing up on the traveling swing (very close to the ground) when he swing swung out from under him and he fell face down. It was bleeding profusely and when I pulled the paper towel away to assess the damage all I could muster was "it's bad." Jammie jumped to action with a cool wash cloth, m&ms, steri strips, ice pack and acetaminophen. The older kids obediently got their coats and shoes on and we headed straight for urgent care. It took forever at the doctor because they had to put numbing salve on his eye and then wait 20 minutes, then reapply and wait another 20 minutes (but it was always more). Even applying the salve was an ordeal because it was so close to his eye, they weren't sure if they should even use it. Then the doctor came in and explained to me that they were going to "papoose" him and "fix him up". Basically wrap him in a blanket and strap him down to a board to he couldn't move. The doctor explained that I should take the other kids out of the room so that if they should ever need to return to urgent care they wouldn't have this horrible memory of their brother's experience. I completely agreed with her, but let me tell you, it was complete torture handing over my baby to the nurse and doctor knowing the pain he would be going through without me. The doctor was very loving and assured me she'd sing to him and be very loving. We went to the waiting room where we could still hear his blood curdling scream. It wasn't too long before we were allowed back in the room. Sweet little Ender was drenched in sweat and trying to catch his breathe but stayed content in the doctor's arms even as she filled me in on what they had done. It was a crocked injury and she had to sew very close to the eye but everything about his actual eye looks fine. He may have a scar. It's been a long day. An experience like this is definitely draining. The first stitches ever in our family. I've never even had stitches! Poor little guy. Here are a few photos and I'll put some more from the clinic experience when I have more energy. Please be praying for a thorough and quick healing with out any infection! This little guy is quite a trooper.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eisley's Eye

It started on New Year's Eve. Eisley was being goofy and pulled her cheeks down exposing the "blood" in her eyes (the veins you see on the inside of your lower eye lid). No big deal, until I looked closer ands saw this attached to the skin in her lower eyelid.
I kinda freaked out and just for peace of mind going into a long weekend proceeded to take her to Urgent Care. The doctor did a double take and didn't seem to know what it was but guessed perhaps Chalazion. She recommended seeing a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.
January 12th we were able to get an appointment with the eye doctor. I was very calm and just kept praying for a "quick fix and an easy solution".
The ophthalmologist was obviously startled by what he saw. He got out his big head brace gadget thing and after studying her eye for quite some time asked me, "does she have a special lovey she sleeps with?" I thought he was asking because I would need to go get that lovey to help with the next step. I told him not really and that she rotates what she wants to sleep with. He responded that he thought the brown mass was actually a cluster of hairs that the eye had grown attached to. CRAZY! So he proceeded to put numbing drops in her eyes and then had to lean back into the large apparatus. I helped hold her head in place and he began scraping at the brown mass. Slowly but surely, just like removing a scab, he pulled the brown mass loose. He pulled it out and looked at it again - perhaps a small piece of foam? Not sure exactly what it was, but the eye had attached to it. The inside of her eye lid was a bit swollen and red but she felt no pain. I was almost giddy with joy over what an amazing answer to prayer this whole solution was. Although completely bizarre it really couldn't have been a "quicker" or "easier" fix. Exactly what I'd asked the Lord for. We've been putting eye drops that contain steroid (to reduce swelling) and antibiotic (avoid infection) in her eye daily and will return to the ophthalmologist in a week. What a strange experience! But at the same time such a blessing! I couldn't be more grateful to God for answering my prayers in an unbelievably direct and bizarre way :).

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bow and Arrows

Until recently it was actually "Bone and arrow" and according to Eisley it still is. But tonight, thanks to Nana and Grandpa, Emmett learned how to shoot a cross bow and I must say he is an excellent shot.
Not only is he an excellent shot, but he looks adorable doing it.
Ok, I admit it, the above picture is posed, I needed a close up of that focused face.

Now Emmett just wants to make some "real" arrows with sharp stones on the tips.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eisley's art and her "sister"

My little artist. Eisley has these moments of peace and focus which usually revolve around art or imaginary play. It's just the most darling thing watching her go into her own world. Granted, this darling site ended with her ripping the paper into shreds and stuffing the papers into the jar of water. She was making something for her "sister". Eisley has an imaginary sister she plays with and talks about all the time. So sweet.