Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eisley's Eye

It started on New Year's Eve. Eisley was being goofy and pulled her cheeks down exposing the "blood" in her eyes (the veins you see on the inside of your lower eye lid). No big deal, until I looked closer ands saw this attached to the skin in her lower eyelid.
I kinda freaked out and just for peace of mind going into a long weekend proceeded to take her to Urgent Care. The doctor did a double take and didn't seem to know what it was but guessed perhaps Chalazion. She recommended seeing a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.
January 12th we were able to get an appointment with the eye doctor. I was very calm and just kept praying for a "quick fix and an easy solution".
The ophthalmologist was obviously startled by what he saw. He got out his big head brace gadget thing and after studying her eye for quite some time asked me, "does she have a special lovey she sleeps with?" I thought he was asking because I would need to go get that lovey to help with the next step. I told him not really and that she rotates what she wants to sleep with. He responded that he thought the brown mass was actually a cluster of hairs that the eye had grown attached to. CRAZY! So he proceeded to put numbing drops in her eyes and then had to lean back into the large apparatus. I helped hold her head in place and he began scraping at the brown mass. Slowly but surely, just like removing a scab, he pulled the brown mass loose. He pulled it out and looked at it again - perhaps a small piece of foam? Not sure exactly what it was, but the eye had attached to it. The inside of her eye lid was a bit swollen and red but she felt no pain. I was almost giddy with joy over what an amazing answer to prayer this whole solution was. Although completely bizarre it really couldn't have been a "quicker" or "easier" fix. Exactly what I'd asked the Lord for. We've been putting eye drops that contain steroid (to reduce swelling) and antibiotic (avoid infection) in her eye daily and will return to the ophthalmologist in a week. What a strange experience! But at the same time such a blessing! I couldn't be more grateful to God for answering my prayers in an unbelievably direct and bizarre way :).


Christ follower said...

No wonder Eisley was playing Urgent Care when Peter watched them the other night. He said it was so cute, she would fill up her purse with things, put it over her arm then pick up some babies and announce that she had to go to Urgent Care and she would be back, Then she would go out to the garage for a few minutes and come in and say, "I am back from Urgent Care, we OK." She did that a few times, Peter just smiled.

heidi said...

Oh my gosh, that is creepy! Between that and Ender's eye... you've had a busy couple of weeks!!!! sheesh!