Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emmett's Craft

Emmett has taken over the craft inventing at our house. Here is a little craft that he has planned for all his blog reading peers.

Kraft paper
Mouth with saliva

Step 1: Find kraft paper
Step 2: Place in mouth and chew thoroughly
Step 3: When the paper is significantly moistened, remove from mouth
Step 4: Place on the wall.
I can not take any credit for this craft idea. I just took the pictures :).


Buck said...

You could also post this on a cooking blog as an idea for extra fiber in the diet.

Eric said...

I just like that fact that Emmett, completely on his own accord, has begun to discover the art of making spit-balls. Nice.

P.S. I think it is actually "craft" paper, not "Kraft" paper... we're you in the middle of making a Mac & Cheese lunch when you posted this blog?

Eric said...

Wiki Says, "Kraft paper is paper produced by the kraft process from wood pulp. It is strong and relatively coarse. Kraft paper is usually a brown colour but can be bleached to produce white paper. It is used for paper grocery bags, multiwall sacks, envelopes and other packaging."

I stand corrected.

Queen Jolene said...

Love this! What a creative little man you have!