Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Special Drink Smoothie

Today Emmett asked me if he could make a special drink (smoothie). By the time I got around to answering him, he was precariously perched on the counter top next to the blender which he had dug out from a lower cupboard. What could I say to that sort of determination?

My mom is the queen of smoothies and the kids love them - and the adults too! She puts tofu and all sorts of other crazy healthy things in there. I however, do not have such crazy healthy stuff in my fridge/freezer currently so we just had to make due with what I was able to scrounge for. Which is one of the great things about smoothies, you can use just about anything you have in your fridge, freezer or counter and make a pretty delicious concoction.

The ingredients in today's smoothie included baby bananas, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, milk and a splash of honey.
My super duper helper and entreprenuer adding the milk...
...pressing the buttons for me. Don't forget to plug your ears!
When you've reached desired consistency and taste (add stuff till you like it) serve with a straw.
Give baby a frozen mango piece in one of these little teething pouches.
And all will be happy.


Randi said...

looks good! we've never tried baby bananas they taste like regular bananas?

Mama M. said...

Wow...will you come to my house? I love smoothies...I just don't have the patience for them! (Or, I just don't like the mess?!)

Cute pics!

Kami said...

We love smoothies here too! The kids ask for them quite often! It's definitely one of my favorite treats -- yummy! :)

Amber said...

Yum... Emmett can make me a smoothie anytime he wants... that looks quite good... however, Wyatt wont be joining Emmett on the smoothie train... "its toooo cold mommy!" is all I ever hear when I try to make him a smoothie. Alwell... more for me!

Oh and my all time fave super easy smoothie is this... Emmett would like it...
1 banana
a dash of vanilla extract
a big dash of cinnamon (costco's is by far the best of the best)
a little bit of milk (or ice cream or half and half or cream)
4-6 Ice cubes
Blend till smooth... oh man... its good!

citydweller said...

We LOVE smoothies at our house, too! We will have to make one for the kids when they are over next time.

Jenilee said...

we made smoothies today too. strawberry banana. yummy!