Sunday, January 3, 2010

Emmett the Lion

Emmett is often a lion. His love of wild animals often transforms him into one. Tonight as I sat on the chaise in the loft just outside his bedroom, I slowly heard the door open. I saw him crawling out on his hands and knees. As I approached he became pouncing and snarling and growling and scratching and flailing. I had a hard time picking him up as I tried to both wrangle an angry lion and keep him from seeing my smiling face. Although I was annoyed that he wasn't yet asleep, I thought his little lion imitation was quite impressive. When I put him in his bed he said, "I'm a lion. I was trying to scare you away. I wanted to scratch you." I encouraged him that he was very scary, but that lions need to go to bed.


Amber said...

Ha ha... Oh man, I love little boys!!

citydweller said...

I have never seen his ANGRY lion. He has always been a good lion when I am there.I hope he doesn't scare me! (ha ha)