Friday, June 5, 2009

This is how we do it... (new pictures!)

This is how we do it...with out a yard.

One thing I would like more than anything is a yard. Today we (Emmett, Eisley, my two nanny kids and myself) spent the day outside in our driveway, which is really no longer a driveway but half a drive way. We are trying to sell one of our cars so we currently have 3 cars so one is parked in half of our driveway. I was just chuckling to myself as I gazed out onto the chaos of our half driveway. We had everything out there except the kitchen sink - wait a sec - we did have a sink. We had the water table/play sink. The kids love it! In addition to the sink we had lawn chairs for both toddlers and myself. The double stroller out for the babies. The exersaucer out for the babies. Emmett's tricycle. Other random little toys and the ice tray from the freezer. Don't worry, I got a picture (which I'll post later). And if that isn't hilarious enough, I am sitting there nursing Eisley, under a nursing wrap of course. I haven't quite gotten so relaxed as to whip that out in front of everyone!

Can you spot all 4 kids?

Anyway, we had a wonderful day! All 4 kids napped simultaneously! You can't ask for more than that.

Oh and did I mention we closed our day with yet more quality half drive way time? We grilled hot dogs and had a picnic on our, yep you guessed it, half drive way. We definitely are making the most of what we have. And this is how we do it...with out a yard.

Did I mention, Eisley went #2 in the potty chair?

I haven't quite figured out the sleeping arrangements for 4 kids so today Eisley slept in a drawer.

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