Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Daredevil

Sometimes Emmett surprises me with his adventurous spirit. Sometimes he surprises me with his timidness. Today was an adventurous, make my heart jump out of my chest, sort of day.

I met one of my high school friends for a play date at a park we haven't been to since last year. Emmett wasted no time sliding down and them climbing back up the slides, "Not recommended for children under the age of 5."

Yes, I am one of those moms who lets their children not only slide down the slide but climb up it as well. I personally loved climbing up slides and want to allow my children the same joy. However, my rule is that downward sliders get priority. So, if you're climbing up a slide and a child is at the top wanting to go down, you need to get off the slide. Well take a look at this slide and then I'll tell you my story...

...ok so Emmett was climbing up this slide when a bigger boy sat down at the top about to slide. I asked the boy to wait and hollered down to Emmett, "Sit down..." or something to that effect. Emmett looks up and sees the boy, turns around and starts RUNNING DOWN the slide! Emmett is at approximately the 2nd or 3rd (from the bottom) concrete wall. My heart is pounding and I start walking down the stairs towards him, I think I must have looked much more calm than I felt. A woman at the bottom of the slide was carefully watching and waiting at the bottom of the slide in case Emmett fell. When I got down there she said, "how old is he?" I said, "two and a half." She said, "my sister has a 2 and a half year old and she would have been flipping out in that situation." She continued to applaud my relaxed nature. I can't help but think how differently my "relaxed parenting" would have appeared if Emmett had fallen!

Here's another slide that Emmett crawled up.

We had grilled corn on the cob for dinner.

It seems Eisley's only goal when it comes to crawling is finding the next thing to pull herself up on. Oh my, this little girl is growing up too quickly!

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Aubrey said...

I would freak! I'm so glad Emmett didn't do a face plant down the slide! Eisley is such a big girl already! Ack! So pretty...