Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting our Sand on

We spent a lovely morning at the beach. Eisley has never sat in one place for so long. She got alot of sand in her mouth and was looking so cute so I had no choice but to just go along with it and take pictures, of course!

The result of a long morning at the beach...

Eisley took a really long nap so Emmett and I went on a freezie pop binge...between the 2 of us we ate 18 freezie pops!

When Eisley woke up Emmett wanted to take her for a bike ride...they both had a blast

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Amber said...

They are SO cute! Eisley is getting so big... tell her to stop growing! Wyatt informed me the other day that he was going swimming with Emmett... he was really excited about it too... I'm not sure where he got the idea but it sure was cute!

And how do you get so many pictures on your blog? Mine only lets me upload like 5 per blog.... teach me your ways!