Thursday, June 25, 2009

Married to a celebrity

This week I had the honor of being married to a celebrity. No one that most of you probably know (haha, well actually, most of you probably do know him), but someone who has captured the hearts (gag reflexes) of 800 children at our church. This week for VBS Eric transformed into "Skeeter McGunter the famous crocodile hunter", who is actually afraid of crocodiles. His hilarious skits made the children roar with laughter each night. Some of the comments I overheard people saying, "He missed his calling as an actor", "Hurry up, we can't miss Skeeter!", "Skeeter is totally the highlight". I had numerous people come up to me and say things like, "He is amazing!", "He is hilarious", "He does such a great job"...on and on.

I also had people say to me, "Was he ok last night?", "He may need some pepto", "You should probably stop and by some bottom cream on your way home." These comments were all in response to Eric's determination to make this VBS one that the kids will never forget. As a reward to the children for raising money which was donated to a local charity, Eric ate a variety of nasty, southern/water style things. The first night he ate crawfish tails, the second night he took 5 hot shot shots, third night he swallowed 8 minnows. It was all well worth it because the VBS kids raised almost $4,000!

Here are my attempts at getting a picture of Skeeter McGunter in action...

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