Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blessed he's 85

My Grandpa turned 85 today. I was so glad that we could be there to celebrate with him (although some how I neglected to get any pictures of him!).

Here's a picture of my grandparents (my dad's parents) with the kids when Eisley was 2 weeks.
My grandpa's father died when my grandpa was 9 years old. A lifelong prayer of his was that he would live to meet his grandchildren. I believe that the above picture is my grandfather being blessed by God beyond his own expectations. It is also my children being blessed beyond my expectations. My grandfather is an amazing man of God. He is a joy to be around, he is a wealth of knowledge, a well of wisdom and a calming presence. Eisley, who is very wary of almost anyone who is not Mommy, spent time crawling around on the floor while only grandpa attentively watched. She was as happy as can be. During dinner she looked directly at him and babbled and cooed. My grandfather lit up. Happy 85th Birthday Grandpa!

Emmett does this funky thing with his lips all the time.

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