Thursday, June 18, 2009

Change of plans

I was hoping to take all 4 kids to the MOPS park play date today but when I got an email and the phone call from someone who almost for sure wanted to buy our Xterra I canceled our park plans to be home to show him the car. Well he decided not to buy the car so I was totally bummed! And we hadn't gotten to go to the park, which is totally the highlight of my week.

All for kids went down for naps perfectly in time for my afternoon-while the kids nap-floral consultation. Eisley woke up just as the bride and her mother arrived but luckily she was in good spirits and put on quite the adorable little show.

Eisley was literally crawling all over Sylvan - it was kinda cute - but I felt badly for the poor guy! Here is one of them playing together - so cute!

And then Emmett asked me to attach the Burley to his bike. I obliged and and couldn't resist taking photographs. How cute is this?

Oh, and I have a fat lip from Emmett (accidentally) head butting me. This is what happens when you have a child who doesn't stop moving!

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Marie said...

This is great! How adorable. Emmett looks like he could really pull the trailer. How far did he get?