Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Summary

  • Spent the night at my parents' house because Emmett was begging to go to Nana's house and Nana obliged.
  • Puttied some holes in the newly constructed deck while Emmett helped - Emmett did a great job!
  • Played choo choo trains out on the deck while Eisley played in the exersaucer
  • Emmett played in the sprinkler while wearing his rain coat (pictures to come). Emmett is THRILLED about the rain jacket my mom picked up at a thrift store.

  • Emmett and Eisley took baths next to each other in the two sinks in my mom's kitchen (will post a picture later). It was SO cute!
  • Emmett put on a concert for us. My mom played the piano and Emmett played drums, then xylophone, then guitar. He sang the whole time. He sang "ABC song" and "Little star song".

  • We ran up to Albertville to return a few things
  • Emmett is now alseep in his room with his light on - he asked that we leave his light on till Daddy comes home to turn it off. How cute is that?

1 comment:

Marie said...

"We ran up to Albertville..." As if it's just a 10 minute jaunt. Only you Alyssa! No idea how you do it all. Looks like you had a wonderful day!