Saturday, June 6, 2009

Poor little baby bottom (new pictures)

The good news it that Eisley's ear infection is cleared up. The bad news is that she has a wicked diaper rash. The doctor had just gotten done telling me that yeast diaper infections are pretty rare - about 5% of all diaper rashes. He then proceeded to pull away her diaper and declared, "that's yeast." So hopefully with some anti-fungal cream my little princess will be feeling 100%.

In addition to going to the doctor, we had to lower Eisley's crib mattress. This morning when Eric went into her room after hearing happy noises from the monitor (she likes to play and giggle and cue in her crib when she awakes in the morning) he found her standing up leaning on the crib railing. One more little push and she would have been out onto the floor!

Yet another big step for Eisley - her first haircut! She has her great grandfather's hairline...
...and we finally decided to give her a little trim...

I spent the night out celebrating at my friend, Christine's, bachelorette party but have returned in time to resume my motherly duties. Eisley had woken up and started crying about 15 minutes before I got home, I got her back to sleep and now 15 minutes later she's up again! Wow, this could me a long night. One of many. But that's ok, I love being a mom, at least most of the time!

Beautiful babies

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