Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Minute by minute

Our day by the minute:

1:35pm - visiting Daddy at work - Emmett driving the school bus

1:38pm - my favorite people in the whole world!

1:39 - our little girl looks so little!

1:39 pm - our little boy already heads straight for the back of the bus

2:10 pm - dipping his fry in his "hamburger sandwich with cheese"

4:43 pm - who knew a dish of water could entertain her for minutes! ("minutes" doesn't sound like much, but in the life of a 7 month old, that's quite a long time!)

4:43pm - quickly moves from her knees to her feet

4:46 pm - refilling the water onto Eisley's head

4:47 pm - attempting a 3/4 family picture

5:45 pm - Nana hard at work swinging the kids - notice the beautiful deck!

6:16 pm - me, hard at work sanding the deck

6:16 pm - my dad hard at work doing something complex

6:20 (and 44 seconds) pm - Eisley swinging

6:21 (and 9 seconds) pm - Eisley sleeping

6:32 pm - still sleeping

6:36 pm - Emmett wanted to help me sand, it looked more fun than it was, my help didn't last long

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