Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eduardo's Bday Party

After church we went to Eduardo's third birthday party. Mari Luz and Eduardo have become wonderful friends of Emmett and myself through MOPS. Whenever we are at the park together Emmett and Eduardo immediately find one another and can be found chasing each other up and down the slides or throwing the frisbee back and forth.

This was Eisley's first time "swimming". She didn't love it, but it was a bit cold. I forgot Emmett's life jacket so he wasn't really loving the pool either. However, he did LOVE the hot tub. Throwing the ball in and out. He did not want to leave! Oh yes, and when I wasn't willing to hold him up for more than one fake game on the arcade machines, Emmett dragged chairs over so that he could play by all by himself. Emmett is extremely independent and if he wants something and no one is willing to help (often he never asks for help) he finds a way to do it himself.

And one of Eisley because she is just so amazingly adorable!

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