Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ligers and a wedding

Tonight I attended my dear friend, Christine's, wedding. It was an outdoor wedding set among wooden paths, a lake and picturesque landscaping. The wedding was perfect and the bride was just glowing. The humor didn't arrive until dinner. Eric stayed home with the kids because we couldn't find a sitter (don't worry, we only tried 3 people). Anyway, I felt badly that Eric had to stay home because our dinner conversation left my cheeks sore.

A few of the things that made my smile, laugh, the moment which probably aren't funny at all any more are:
1) cutting the cake in record time into 6 pieces and we all cleaned our plates
2) we asked for Eric's plate of food and then pretended that he was in the bathroom the whole time while we ate his food
3) looked up Ligers on the blackberry - which I only recently discovered that they are real animals when I came face to face with one at a little zoo near our cabin. Here are my pictures. It does not do this animal justice.

PS: Super Dad got both kids to bed and it's now 11:00pm and everyone is still sleeping, except me of course. I love you Eric!

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Aubrey said...

'bred for it's skills in magic' right? Sounds like a fun day. Ice cream was good but it kind of reminded me of something else so I didn't have too much.....if you know what I mean....