Monday, June 22, 2009

Water Wonderland

With in 10 minutes this morning, we were invited to two different splash pads by two different friends - that's what happens with it's 90 degrees outside! We went to the St Louis Splash pad because that was the call we received first. So we moved the party from our drive way water playground ... the Splash pad...

...however, I think this is the closest any of my children got to the water...

...and you can tell by her face, the experience was less than ideal.

We had a nice picnic in the grass - everyone was quite content there.

And the babies hung out with each other while the toddlers attempted to play on the playground, but really the playground was too hot, so our play date was .

Interesting Birthday Trivia -
Emmett was born in November, 2006
Flora and Lauren were both born in April, 2007
Greta, Eisley and Sylvan were all born in November, 2008
Greta was born on the 13th - Eisley and Sylvan were both born on the 10th

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