Thursday, June 4, 2009

He's still awake!

As I'm trying to type this blog and mentally mourning the long list of things I was hoping to get done after the kids went to bed, Emmett is STILL wake! It's been over 2 hours of failed bribes, gates jumped and other numerous acts of discipline, and I've given up. My emotions have swung high and low. I've gone from smiling at his sweet little innocent looks as he says, "I had anice sleep", which is what he says when he awakes from a nap or in the morning to anger only controlled by prayers muttered under my breath. Right now I have conceded. I surrender. I will go on with my list as my son quietly sings BINGO into his microphone just outside his sleeping sister's room. Oh but don't you worry, he made sure to tell me, "I turn it down so Eisley not waked up." I smiled internally and thanked him for his consideration. Isn't that totally adorable?
This is him just a couple minutes ago as DJ playing Baby Einstein on the turntables.
Every once in a while I let Emmett take pictures with my camera. As I upload the pictures to my computer it's always a surprise to see what pictures Emmett has taken. This one made me laugh out loud. Any guesses why I'm only letting you see half of this picture? There's no way that I cropped my underweared bottom out of this picture as to keep my blog rated G, or is there?
Cute little toes - also photographed by Emmett.
I gave Eisley her first "puffs" today. She was having a hard time getting them in her mouth... her brother helped......and also helped her put on her lipstick.
Update: as of 9:20 when I'm about to post this blog, Emmett has been quite in his room for about 10 minutes. Turns out the solitary chocolate chip worked!

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Amber said...

Ha Ha... Wyatt was awake till 10:30... he was trying everything to stay awake... but now he is finally sleeping peacefully!