Friday, June 26, 2009

Confidence Redefined

I never showered today. I didn't have time. The funny thing is, before having kids, I would never have dreamed doing what I did today in this unshowered/unmakeuped state. By 9:00 this morning I, with 4 kids in tow, were trudging through sand to capture one of the coveted umbrella's at our local beach. We had a wonderful time there with 8+ fellow MOPS moms and their kids. With in moments of arriving I spotted the perfect photo-op. Surrounding me were approximately 8 darling little kids all happily seated on the shore playing in the sand. I ran for my camera only to read "Change battery pack" when I attempted to turn it on. I was heartbroken. I then spent the remainder of the day taking mental pictures of scenes like this: mothers snuggling with multiple kids on one single chair (Jennifer), grandma chasing a little renegade (Kara's mom), toddlers' budding friendships (Emmett and Caitlin), toddlers adoring their teen cousin and his patience with them (Amy's cousin/nephew?), babies glowing faces while gazing (grasping) at each other (Stellan and Eisley), babies sound asleep in the stroller (Sylvan), friends lending a hand to hold a baby or hold bags when I'm out of hands (Ann, Angela, Julie), and a 3 year old who's attempt at feeding the infants was actually helpful (Caitlin). As you can see, I was very busy taking pictures.

After spending a wonderful day with friends at the beach I came home to host Cooking Club. Seven wonderful friends, some new and some old, gathered around our tiny table and chatted while eating Creme Brule French Toast, bacon, fruit and Breakfast Cheesecake. Delicious! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful women in my life! Many of the women I spent time with this evening I've known since Junior High. It' s so fun that we are still in touch and are going through all these life stages together.

Here's to taking mental pictures and redefining the source of our confidence.

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Amber said...

I so wish we lived closer to eachother so we could have beach days and cooking days together! Maybe someday... sigh... oh that would be the life! Miss you and I too, wish you guys were coming to play!