Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A toothy crawl!

In case anyone was wondering where I am - I'm just up at the dial-up internet accessible cabin which means that I'm not taking 2 hours to post a blog. I'm at the library right now checking my email. When we get back home to wireless internet you'll all have a backlog of blog entries to read. Until then 2 little updates...
1) Eisley is officially crawling! It's the cutest thing ever and she's getting around like a (wobbly) maniac. But officially crawling as of June 7th. After a 5 hour long car trip we arrived at the cabin. She was wide awake and we put her on the ground and she started crawling! Hand over hand. Not landing on her tummy like she usually does! Way to go girl! And just a few days before your 7 month birthday!
2) Eisley got her first tooth on June 8th.

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citydweller said...

Happy 7 month birthday! I am so excited to see her new skills and tooth! Love, Cyndi