Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Will Galore!

I momentarily can't find my camera so there are no pictures from today. Sorry!

My mom came over for a day of hard work and we got SO much done! We filled the back of the xterra with clothes and shoes to bring to Goodwill! We spent all day sorting through clothes, trying on clothes and deciding if we should donate them or consign them. So when we brought the load to Goodwill Emmett kept asking, "Where Goodwill goes?" At past trips to Goodwill, I understood that he was looking for his friend, "Will". I think he may have been looking for his friend, "goodwill" this time.

On a separate note, Emmett did a complete #2 in his potty chair this morning. I was SO proud of him. I read him a story while he did his business. However, the underwear wearing ended when he got so caught up in the excitement of having Nana around that he had an accident while climbing onto one of the chairs in his room.

Speaking of accidents, I don't think I mentioned that he had an "accident" down our air vent the other day! My friends' daughter did the same thing. Lucky for me, Eric was the one who was home to clean up! Gotta love 2 year olds!

Eisley has a fascination with her tongue right now. I've got to get a picture. She's constantly sticking it out, twirling it around, licking her lips, moving it inside her mouth. It is hilarious and oh so adorable! She also STILL has a wicked diaper rash. We're going to the doc on Saturday so I'll see what's going on at that point.

Another thing about Eisley - she slept from 7pm to 5am last night! It was awesome! When she woke at 5:00am she was wide awake. But that's ok, I had gotten more hours of sleep in a row than I've gotten in 2 years I think!

Speaking of sleep, my newly washed sheets are calling my name (thanks to my mom, clean sheets and folded laundry are amongst the other things that got done today! yea!)

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Marie said...

Oh the sweet relief of Grandma. Wishing my mom lived closer. I could use one of these days!