Monday, August 31, 2009

First official steps

I think when Eisley woke up today she said to herself, "I want to walk today." She spent the entire day standing on her own and taking little steps. She has stood on her own for a couple seconds for the past few weeks, but today she went crazy! Anything she'd crawl over to, she would let go of and wave her hands in the air with her darling little toes frantically gripping the carpet. At one point she stood...took two steps...and stood some more! Later she stood...took two good steps...took too stumbling steps...and kept standing! Wow, I'm totally impressed. We'll see how the next couple weeks go!

The below picture is of her standing and making dinosaur noises, seriously, it was hilarious. One of those moments I wish I could have captured on video!

We met our dear friends, Melissa and Zander, for a play date. The boys play so well together and actually spent quite a bit of time hanging out with the "big kids" who were there with a YMCA camp. At one point I lost Emmett and was walking all around looking for him. I glanced down at a group of kids seated in a circle on the ground, I didn't see Emmett, so I kept walking. Upon revisiting this group, I saw Emmett sitting right in the circle with all of these 10ish year olds. It was so cute!

And then this morning we spent some time in our beloved driveway.

The kids singing "Wheels on the Bus", doing the actions and eating goldfish while sitting in the van. Such a precious sight.

And one of Emmett's favorite things to do, pull the Burley on his bike. It works quite well because the other kids enjoy it too!

Eisley's favorite position, standing holding onto the handle. She didn't let go the whole ride.

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Eric said...

Couple things...

- I love the color of the goldfish dumped on the blacktop and Eisley chowing down.

- In the first pick of Emmett pulling the burley, Flora looks like she has had one too many sippy cups, and is about to pass out in the back. I was hoping for a "desinated driver" comment.

- Lastly, please tell me that Eisley is strapped in. I was nervous just looking at the picture of Eisley grabbing the handle. Visions of her falling out and getting run over keep running through my head.