Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weed Whacking

Who knew weed-whacking could be so exhilarating!

The kids and I spent the day at my parents' house working...hard, manual labor! I am so sore! I re stained the deck, because the first staining job I did was not quite satisfactory. I'm hoping the second try comes out a bit better. After that I weed-whacked or maybe we could called it brush-whacked all the way down the hill to the lake. For those of you who've been to my parents house you know that that is a big job. I only did the side by the swing-set and tire-swing though. Still a big job.

I found the whole experience to be rather therapeutic. I think any change from the daily routine is a nice breath of fresh air. My days consist of being told (asked) to do things by toddlers and infants, serving as a human jungle gym, wiping stinky bottoms, disciplining rule-breakers, picking up toys, and going to the bathroom with the door open (and why do I love this job so much?). So, the appeal of staining and weed-whacking was the relative silence, solitude, not being manhandled, not being told what to do, not having to speak at all, not even having to listen and seeing immense change right before my eyes. It felt really good! After about 30 minutes of weed-whacking my dad asked me, "Is it still fun?" I responded, "Yes! It's why I wait to vacuum until you'll actually be able to see the difference."

A couple hours after weed-whacking I looked down towards the lake and stood in awe at the true difference all my hard work had made. It was fabulous. I imagine some day, years down the road, maybe when I'm a grandma, I'll see the beautiful work that God has done in my children. I'll see that the years of hard work, tough love, prayer, consistent discipline and God's daily grace has made all the difference.

As for right now, I will go put my son back in his bed. He's been "going to bed" for the past 2 hours.

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