Sunday, August 16, 2009

4000 hits

I was just the 4000th hit on my blog! Wow, that's alot of hits. My 13 followers must be really busy reading my blog! Good job guys! That's like 35 hits per post!

No pictures again today, sorry friends and followers.

Eric gave me two gift cards for my birthday - the gift being a shopping trip! I love shopping and don't shop for myself very often, so this was a perfect gift. I spent the afternoon shopping while Eric watched the kids. And by "watched" I mean hung out while they slept. They both slept until 1 hour prior to me arriving home. They never sleep that long when I'm home. So unfair!

Here are my observations from my day of shopping. First, it's hard to totally relax and just take my time. I felt like I was going to be needed at any minute. That they must really be missing me. That Eric was just sitting on the edge of his chair watching out the window for me. As I learned when I returned home, none of this was true. Second, $75 sounds like alot of money until you go shopping. Man, I blew through it with out blinking my eye! Third, I have a really hard time buying full priced items. I was struggling between getting 1 or 2 full priced items or more clearance items. I think I often make the mistake of getting more items because they're on sale when I'd probably get more use out of one full priced item. That being said, I walked away with all clearance items. Hopefully I made good decisions! Finally, I have a hard time shopping for myself. I actually came home with more for the kids than for myself. Their stuff is cheaper so it's not so scary to buy something when you can get an entire outfit for $10!

That's all for now.


Aubrey said...

Congratulations on your hits! I love your template! By the way, I always use 'my money' on my kids - it's more fun to shop for them!

Meredith said...

I am the same way! I have a hard time shopping for myself and if I do I definitely can't by things full priced. AND I always end up buying for Marc or Abby. I'm proud of you for at least getting a few items for yourself. You deserve it!!

JFK said...

I would have enjoyed being with you
on this shopping adventure!

Marie said...

Oh Alyssa, I can so relate to this post. I'm so happy to hear you got some time to yourself! And it sounds like you did rather well. I also struggle with clearance vs. regular and fall into the same trap of buying the kids something most times I go out. Oh well, they are only little once right?