Friday, August 28, 2009

"I jus wanna be naket a lil bit"

Tonight, instead of hanging out with my dear friends, I chose to stay home with my darling children. After a long week sometimes all I want to to lay in bed with the windows open and read (Jodi Picoult is may latest author of choice), blog or window shop on the internet (Any one else do that? I put things in my "bag", or "watch" them on ebay and never buy anything. Somehow is satisfies my shopping urge while never spending a cent.)

As I was putting Eisley to bed I heard Emmett calling for me... repeatedly. Concerned that his calls maybe due to distress, I sped up Eisley's bedtime routine and went to find Emmett. I found him sitting on the toilet, "I'm going poopoo Mommy. I didn't go in my bedroom."

Yea! I was literally sitting in Eisley's room thinking, "Emmett has not had a bowel movement all day and here I've left him alone, diaperless, underwearless, pajamaless in his room. I will most certainly have a mess to clean up when I am done in here." Much to my surprise, delight and admiration, my dear little boy helped himself to the toilet. I am so proud.

Also, if you spent a day in our home, you would undoubtedly hear Emmett say, "I jus wanna be naket a lil bit." Whenever he's doing going to the bathroom, which by the way, requires the complete removal of pants AND underwear, he will declare, "I jus wanna be naket a lil bit" and off he runs with his sweet little hinder hanging out. Last night he desperately wanted to "jus be naket a lil bit" so I let him sleep in his birthday suit. He's gotta enjoy it before it gets all wrinkled! (Eric's Grandma GG said something about her "birthday suit" being "wrinkled" and it totally cracked me up. I have frequently stolen her joke. This time however, I will make sure she gets the credit.)

Another Emmett story. Today we went garage sale hopping. Emmett began naming the garage sales. "Now we're going to an Elephant Garage sale." We also attended a "Seal Garage sale", "Tiger Garage Sale", and "Lion Garage sale." I have no idea where that came from but it was certainly cute!


Buck said...

I am presently reading Jodi's newest book - Handle with Care. Got it from the library yesterday after a very long wait.

Perhaps not the best books, but I enjoy them nonetheless and have read them all!

And, unrelated to the books, pretty sure needing to be naked on the toilet is a boy thing. I might have a brother that might have completely undressed for every bathroom trip when he was young.

citydweller said...

I can TOTALLY relate to the need to read or window shop or just to be in your own home without having a task to do! I will pass on to Grandma GG the credit. I sure love and miss those darling little ones!