Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who's Diego?

I used to take a bit of pride in the fact that my son didn't know who Dora or Diego were. We don't have cable and I carefully censor which TV shows the kids watch. Word World and Super Why are among my personal, educational, favorites. Anyway, let's just say, that after this weekend, my son not only knows who Diego and Dora are, he is having a sleepover with them (as I was recently informed).

"Dora's here with me. Dora's asleep."
"That's great sweetie, it's time for you to go to sleep."
"Dora wants some water."
"Tell her she'll have to share with you. Good night Dora. Good night Emmett."

After watching the Diego video 4 times between the past 2 days (due to his fever and me attempting to get some laundry done) I can confidently say that Emmett knows what porcupines eat, can make a llama noise and could pick a Macaroni penguin out of a line-up. He cried when we returned the Diego DVD to redbox. Hey at least it's educational right?

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pezc0re2 said...

I'm glad to see the green couches get some good use!