Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Emmett didn't walk today

Emmett didn't walk today. It was an interesting day.

Homemade oatmeal playdough. "The animals are going to the ark."

Cinnamon Apple Shakers

"Playing" in the rain. This one kinda breaks my heart.

About 30 minutes after waking this morning, Emmett declared that his leg was "owie" and couldn't walk on it. He didn't walk on it all day. Whenever he tried to put weight on it, he'd collapse and start crying.

During nap time I called the nurse line and she said we needed to come in "immediately." I told her maybe I could wait till my nanny kids went home and I could go to urgent care. She said that I should probably call their parents to have them picked up and that they would squeeze Emmett into his pediatrician's schedule. Well instead of sending my nanny kids home, we all went together. All 5 of us. In the pouring rain.

"Wow, you have a slew of children with you today." "How many of those are yours?" Sympathetic smiles. Disgusted grimaces. "Let me help you mama." "Wow, how do you do that?" "It's so fun to watch you do that."

So that's what it's like to be a mother of 2 sets of twins. That would get old fast!

... Waiting room for 20 minutes. Doctor's office.

... Empty plastic cups. Water filled plastic cups.

... Reader's Digest aka Animal Book. Name the animal game. Name the food game.

... Emmett weights 29 lbs fully clothed and shoed.

... Pulling on leg. Twisting leg. Pounding leg. Not a wince of discomfort. "Ok, let's go get a sticker."

... He can't walk.

... Xrays. More x-rays. More x-rays.

... Emmett so fully fascinated by the xray machine that he didn't miss me when I stepped out to do damage control of the other 3 children.

... X-rays show nothing out of the ordinary. No knee cap, don't worry, that's normal.

... "Ok, let's go get a sticker. Princess or Cars?" "Princess."

... He can't walk.

... Sprain? Motrin, rest, warm bath.

Two and a half hours later we're on our way home. I'm exhausted.

I can hear Emmett singing along with his music in his room.


Aubrey said...

I wonder what in the world that could be?! You are amazing for taking all those kiddos to the Peds! Talk soon!

Chloe said...

This is very interesting in light of the fact that Sunday night Asher woke up three times in the night. Matt got him back to bed two times. On round three I starting trying to really figure out what was going on. When I asked if something hurt he said his leg hurt. We finally got him some Tylenol and he slept deeply until 10 AM. I am thinking growing pains - they killed me when I was young. These two little boys are close in age maybe that's what's going on with Emmett too?

Eric said...

I love the picture of the doctors office, and the look in Eisley face. She is totally saying, "Really mom, are you honestly making Emmett act like his leg is bothering right now to take a picture? This is so fake, I will have no part in this. Go ahead big brother act like you in pain, but I refuse to act concered."