Monday, August 17, 2009

Dinner Table Talk

A quiet day at home with the four kids. We played outside in our driveway for a while. We also played at our neighbor's house for a little bit. It's always nice for the kids to have a change of scenery, change of toys and for me to chat with adults for a bit!

Just a few of the little things in the day that brought a smile to my face.

Some how the remote control car ended up in the bush. Who knows.

Emmett poured some of the water from the water table into one of my flower buckets to make his own pool. Genius.

Bandaids. $1.24 well spent.

Banana. Ice cubes. And her classic scrunchy nose. It kept her happy while I made lasagna.

A quiet day at home with the four kids... that is until Eric got home and we sat down to dinner.

Tonight over dinner, somehow the subject of premarital sex came up (I have absolutely no recollection how this subject even arose, but somehow it did). We've got to take advantage of those teachable moments when we can! Now, I am pretty confident that Emmett has no idea what sex is, but still we explained to him that you wait until you're married to have sex. That is how God designed it. He then told us who he wanted to marry....
"Sorry sweetie, she's your sister, you can't marry your sister."
"She's already taken. You can't marry anyone in your family."
"Wyatt" (his cousin)
"He's in your family, and he's a boy. You need to marry a girl."
"Lauren and Maisie."
"You can only marry one person. Whoever you marry needs to love Jesus. And you need to love Jesus too. You both need to love Jesus even more than you love each other."

I think by this point we had totally lost him. He was quiet. Trying to figure out what to make of this deep conversation.

"Mommy, please may I have some chocolate milk please?"
"Of course sweetie. Thank you for asking so nicely"


Aubrey said...

He is so adorable! Of course he wants to marry the woman who knows him best! We should talk soon - you know - in real life?!? ;)

Amber said...

Wyatt would like to marry Emmett as well...

citydweller said...

I love those times of teaching, they don't remember specifically but it is layering truth in there lives. (Eric always wanted to marry me and Daddy could marry someone else at that age)