Monday, August 24, 2009

Bike, Burley and Bjorn

Eric totally made my day, but I'll get to that later.

I had a wonderfully exhausting day with the kids. We embarked upon a "nature walk." The goal was to find as many different animals as we could, "wild animals" as my son likes to call them. So off we went. Two kids in the Burley, one in the Bjorn and one on the bike!

The animals the kids were most excited about included polar bears, an eagle, yellow birds, and "lots and lots of puppies." Unfortunately, of all these, only the yellow birds were real animals, the rest were statues.

As you can imagine the two toddlers played musical chairs, rotating from bike, to running to burley. Eisley stayed content in the Bjorn and my poor little nanny boy remained discontent wherever he was (I woke him from his AM nap so that we could go on our adventure, so the discontentment is really my own consequence).

By the time we walked back home (almost 3 hours later) all three kids were in the Burley, the bike was hanging out the back of the Burley (once I discovered that I didn't have to carry it) and Eisley was still content in the Bjorn. I, on the other hand, was singing, "This is the Day the Lord has Made" in an attempt to distract myself from how much longer we had to walk before I could rest and stop sweating.

Even Eisley's leg made it into the picture.

Some other pictures I took

Ok, now to my wonderful husband. He made us a delicious grilled walleye dinner served on turquoise plates (even Emmett had one) served in a turquoise bowl. He made us some homemade Spaetzle for lunch. It was an experiment to see what it tasted like so that we could plan on it for a future meal. He unloaded and loaded and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. He watched my 2 nanny kids at the end of the day so that I could go do some "research" for his birthday. Am I forgetting anything? I felt so special and loved. He's a wonderful man and I'm lucky to be his wife.

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