Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Non-eventful Saturday. Eric's boss gave us a juicer so we made a special trip to Aldi to buy produce. Did you know that an apple juiced is delicious!

Then I had a floral consult for a wedding in September.

Eric made dinner and loaded the dishwasher - thanks honey! We finished the day with an episode of Friday Night Lights. We're totally hooked on that show. It's fabulous!

Now I'm laying in bed, too lazy to get my camera to import the pictures from the day so unfortunately this blog will be photoless. Big bummer, I know.

I totally DID NOT walk into the bedroom tonight and say to Eric, "Did you know today is 08-08-08!?" His wittiest comment was, "it's not 2008." Ooops! Just kidding... except that I wasn't.

Turns out this post won't be photoless because on this very day a year ago - yes, on 08-08-08, a memorable photo was taken. Here it is...the whole Theisen family together... at least those who were born.


Chloe said...

Is that park in Robbinsdale? I think I recognize it.

Alyssa said...

It is - I'm not sure the name of the park or even any of the nearby streets, but it's with in walking distance of my in-laws who live on Vincent Ave N. So yes, we are probably thinking of the same one.