Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cancelled plans and Lillian's

Eric always gives me a hard time, because come Saturday I'm always so excited to get out of the house and do something fun. We of course do all kinds of fun things during the week, but there's just something different about a Saturday. However, from Eric's perspective, come Saturday he would like to stay home and relax.

Today, out of no control of our own, we mostly stayed home and relaxed. Emmett woke up numerous times throughout the night with a raging fever. It was 102+ under his arm and the tylenol only lowered it to 100. Poor little guy. During the day his fever would go up when the Tylenol wore off, but with Tylenol he was doing pretty well.

The biggest bummer of all was that we've been trying to get together with our friends for quite sometime. The last time we were going to get together their son had to be hospitalized and now this time Emmett got sick. We're going to keep trying though! We've already got another date scheduled.

This morning we took a walk around downtown Chaska. One of our favorite things to do. We get coffee, stop by the little bakery (that's now closed) or get ice cream. We admire the architecture and picturesque homes and curbs (yes, there are very unique cobblestone curbs). Today, I lost my Lillian's virginity. To those of you who don't know what I 'm talking about, don't worry, I'm not being dirty. There are a chain of purse stores that I've been wanting to check out for quite sometime. Today they were having a special sale so I purchased my first Lillian's purse. It's orange! It's so fun! Anyway, back to the virginity thing...If it's your first time buying a purse at Lillian's they ring a bell and shout, "Lillian's Virgin!"

I also bought some fabric and am working on making some wash clothes for the kids. The ones we have now are getting so grimy even bleach hasn't been able to spruce them up. So getting some inspiration from Etsy I thought, I can do that myself! And I'm doing just that!

Eisley's new wash clothes (Emmett's are the same pattern but blue).

New wash clothes to use on the kids hands and faces for our kitchen.

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