Sunday, August 9, 2009

One of those days

It was one of those days that I don't know how I survived with hair still on my head. Eric had a ton to do for work so he went in to his first job after spending the morning at his second job.

Just a few of the "I'm going to pull my hair out moments":
  • Let's just start by naming the places that Emmett urinated, other than the toilet. 1)Upstairs hallway 2) Ice cream shop staffed by high school boys so I mopped up my son's mess with paper towels while on my hands and knees holding Eisley in one arm) 3) garage (seems to a common accident location, wonder if it has something to do with the fact that our geriatric dog used to frequent the garage for his accident as well) 4) bedroom rug when he was supposed to be going to sleep.
  • Eisley ate/mashed/flung Emmett's cereal that had been left on the bathroom floor (why was it on the bathroom floor you might ask. I let Emmett eat cereal on the bathroom floor while I showered, and then never picked up the bowl as we raced out the door to church).
  • The handle of the toilet broke off and while trying to fix it the top of the toilet tank fell on my big toe... it still hurts.
  • I got a new toilet handle at Home Depot but then when I attempted to fix the toilet I couldn't find a wrench anywhere. So the pieces are laying on the counter.
  • I tried to vacuum forgetting that the belt had fallen off and I can't figure out how to get it back on. Or is it that I haven't had an undisrupted 5 minutes to figure out how to get it back on? Or is it that the moments I have I spend blogging/ranting instead of fixing the vacuum?
  • Eisley scratched my face... and drew blood.
  • Emmett kicked Eisley over in the bathtub while pretending to be a dolphin.
  • I opened a pregnancy test box I had purchased at the Dollar Store only to find the box empty! But don't worry, I bought three and the other boxes did indeed contain their tests. (The test was negative. I take monthly tests because of an ectopic pregnancy I had almost 2 years ago. I'm scared to death to go through what I went through before so I spend $12 a year ($1/test for 12 months) for piece of mind. The idea being I'd find out I'm pregnant before giving my one last fallopian tube the chance to rupture...TMI?)

A few of the moments that got me through the day:
  • Fabulous music at church this morning. Performed by a group of high school/just out of high school guys.
  • Emmett kissed me, patted my back, and got me a bandaid while I writhed on the floor mourning my big toe.
  • Emmett thought it would be "funny" to wear his cow towel with his Thomas pants. He then proceeded to walk around the house "moo"ing. Not before he wrapped Baby Hobbes in the monkey blanket and tucked them both in the cow towel as well.
    • Eisley's fabulously adorable photoshoot this morning
    • The wash cloth that was flung onto the bathroom mirror 2 hours ago is still hanging there.

    • Fresh watermelon in the fridge
    • So many adorable Emmett comments, I can't even remember them. I just remember they warmed my heart.
    • Emmett said, on the way to church, "Mommy, you look toot! Eisley looks toot too!"
    • Speaking of toots. While leaving Home Depot Emmett said, "I'm making toots." I said, "you're making juice?" He clarified, "No, TOOTS. Toot! Toot!" A couple steps later, "My toots all done now."
    • My husband called to say he's on his way home

    These amazing little people don't let you stay upset for too long, do they? Just when motherhood is getting a bit overwhelming, God sends a little 2 footer to give just the perfect touch, the perfect comment or the perfectly flung washcloth to save the day.


    Buck said...

    FYI I discovered that Big Lots sells pregnancy tests (same kind as the dollar store - a two pack for $1.90. Not a huge difference but if you're buying mass quantities, it's a little savings!

    citydweller said...

    I remember days like that! What is amazing is that they become some of your favorite memories! I love how you can see the blessings amidst the trials. I am praying today goes better.

    Meredith said...

    You are an incredible mom! I admire you a lot! You can do anything!!