Sunday, August 2, 2009

Robo Emmett

Cute Emmettiums of the day:
- He loves the song by Kanya West called RoboCop. We listened to it the entire 20 minute drive home tonight. He has a robo cop dance he does. When the music slows down to the chorus, his robo dance slows down too and he imitates the "chrr" sound. It's pretty cute. I need to get a picture.

- Tonight when Eric and Emmett were picking up the animals, taking the out of Noah's ark and putting them in their box to go to sleep, we gave each one a kiss and said, "good night panda bear"... He then picked up his white tiger and said, "night night berian tider" translated to "night night Siberian Tiger." How cute is that?

We spent the day with Amber, Wyatt, Icyle, Peter and Cyndi today. And of course, we had to attempt a cousin photo shoot. Here are a few of my favorites.

Eisley's tongue is her new favorite toy

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Meredith said...

Those are ADORABLE!! There's nothing better than playing with cousins!!