Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sunday! The beginning of a new week. It's always been kind of a sad day for me. The weekend is over and the rigamarole of the work week is about to begin.

Being a full-time mom however, the days aren't a whole lot different (except of course the wonderful company, playfulness and helpfulness of my husband). I put clothes in the washer, cook food, put clothes in the dryer, change diapers, fold clothes, wipe spit up, place laundry in the appropriate bedroom, play outside, put some of the laundry in the designated drawers or hangers, load the dishwasher, put clothes in the washer, unload the dishwasher, put clothes in the dryer... and I still hear the dryer and the washer going as I type this. I feel like laundry is the never ending story, a cycle that never ends, a pile that I never get to the bottom of. I consistently have a pile of (clean) laundry just sitting up in our loft surrounded my piles of folded laundry. My mental block is not in the washing, drying or folding. It's mostly in the putting away. If you were to look in the kids' rooms right now you'd see Eisley's changing table piled high with (mostly) folded clean laundry (good thing I never use the changing table) and Emmett's dresser in the same disarray. I like to hang alot of the kids' clothes, it seems to keep them more organized and we can actually see what we have without digging and messing up the drawers. But by hanging the laundry it adds a whole nother (I guess "whole nother" isn't a real word) step to the laundry process: wash, dry, fold, UNFOLD and HANG.

So that is my laundry rant. Any laundry tips or advice no how to streamline the laundry process? If you know me well, you know that I love efficiency. Why do something in 3 steps if you can do it in only 2? So, I'm in dire need of a laundry efficiency make-over.

Here are my numerous piles (that is after a day of putting MOST things away) and the wooden box that is almost always piled high with loads of clean clothes.


Tomara said...

This may not be "streamlined" but it sure helps me. I do laundry every day. I put a load in the washer every night. Stick it in the dryer in the morning. Fold and put away at some point during the day.

Amber said...

When I want to be really efficiant... I don't fold the kids clothes... I pile them flat on top of each other... Icyle's in one pile, Wyatt's in another... and then I bring them straight up to their room and put them on the hangers... saves me the folding step when all I do is unfold them anyway... oh and if you lay them flat you don't get wrinkled when you leave them in a pile for a week :) not that I would EVER do that!

citydweller said...

I also dislike laundry especially the putting away part so we had a rule at our house, if anyone put clean clothes in the dirty clothes rather than put them away they did their own laundry form that point on. It usually occurred around age 9. Just think only 6 1/2 years left(and no magic word, thanks Alyssa!)