Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Enjoying the breeze

I have a headache and I'm exhausted so I'm not going to write alot. We had a normal day at home; the 4 kids and I. I'm really loving this slightly cooler weather. There's nothing better than having all the windows open, the breeze blowing through your home, and the smell of fresh air... that is, if Eric didn't have such bad allergies. Oh well, I'll enjoy it during the day when he's gone and will enjoy him during the evenings when he's home (I totally did not mean that to be dirty at all. Funny thing is that my sister-in-law blogged about "enjoying" her husband and it totally sounded dirty to me, and then I do it. Oh well. There are a variety of ways to enjoy our husbands, right?)

I just got back from my MOPS leadership meeting and am reminded what a wonderful group of women I'm surrounded by. I'm looking forward to another year!


citydweller said...

I love the windows open, also! When Eric lived at home we didn't have air conditioning, his allergies must be getting worse or he just used more drugs!

Eric said...

You "enjoy" your husband, and then you "do it"? Wow, and I thought this was a PG blog.