Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 months old

I can't believe my sweet little girl is 10 months old today. She is almost a year old! I won a bet Eric and I made. He thought she'd be walking before 10 months and I didn't. So, as of today, I won :). However, it won't be long.

Here's a picture a year ago to the day. My dear friend, Marie, and I had our daughters 3 days apart.

Interesting how chilly it looks like it was in this picture. Today I was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt and had to close the windows because I got too warm!

I took the kids for a walk - 2 in the burley, one on his bike, one in the backpack.
Photo of the day:

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Marie said...

Wow, it is so fun to see this photo from a year ago! Thanks for sharing.

Does it make you want to be pregnant again? Josh took one look at this photo and said something along the lines of "Whoa, that photo scares me. I won't be doing that to you again any time soon." Doesn't sound like #3 is in our future anytime soon.