Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter Day

Today we had a letter day. Inspired by Super Why we focused many of our activities on letters. We made cheerio letters. Emmett LOVED it. He made 8 letters, while Flora didn't care for the activity and only made 1.5. However, she really loved eating the cheerios!

Then along the loving-to-eat-cheerio line, we made cheerio bracelets with pipe-cleaners. The pipe-cleaner fuzzies came off with the cheerios, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

We also did letter flashcards. The kids would get a jelly bean if they could name the letter. Flora knows about 60%+ of her letters, so I ended giving away too many jelly beans so we changed the game to "super fast name the letters and cheer" game instead.

It's so fun to take advantage of their desire to learn, find ways to make it fun, and be surprised when Emmett knows the letter "R" or "W" or "M" or "O" or "Q". How these kids learn things when we turn our back for a second, I don't know! It's amazing!

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