Thursday, September 17, 2009

Would you love me if...

My sister in law just wrote a cute potty training post which inspired to me to type out this cute little exchange Emmett and I had a few days ago.

As Emmett has been learning to go to the bathroom in the toilet instead of in his diaper, it has come up that we still LOVE him if he goes in his diaper, we just don't LIKE it. So we frequently reiterate that we may be disappointed, but we still love him "so muuuuch." (Emmett puts the emphasis on "much."

So the other day Emmett asked, "Mommy, you still love me if I go poo poo in my diaper?"
"Yes of course sweetie, but you should really try to go in the toilet."
"Mommy, you still love me if I go poo poo in my pull-up?"
"Yes, but it's even better if you go in the toilet."
"If I go in my undawear?"
"Yes, but that's gross."

long pause to think and look around the room...
"you still love me if I go poo poo on the wall?" (insert mischievous smile)
"Yes, I would still love you, but I would be VERY very angry. Please do not go poo poo on the wall."

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Amber said...

hahaha... oh what is it with boys and their poo? Please do not poo on the wall... hahaha totally cracks me up!